Adam Rose

Fallen Owl Tattoo Studio, 8789 W. Colfax Ave., Lakewood, CO, 303-232-1350,

“When I went to get my first tattoo it was so shady! I traded some dude a bag of weed to tattoo me underage,” says Adam Rose. “I got lucky. He did good work and I didn’t get hep!” Rose did, however, catch the bug. After an apprenticeship and 16 years tattooing, he has become an adept tattooer—although he hasn’t necessarily matured mentally. “Lately, in my new sketchbook, I’ve been drawing wordplay, things to make me laugh, [like] Dick-Tators and Butter-Flies.” Yet Rose, who is a star in the burgeoning Denver tattoo scene, is still mortal like the rest of us. As his final piece, this is what he would etch onto his gravestone: “A picture of the Last Supper with me, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Krishna, Ganesh, a humpback whale, two dolphins, and an evolving monkey—I’m just trying to cover all my bases.”

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