Alex Paradee’s Dark Arts


Come, if you dare, and visit the brain of Alex Pardee through his artwork.

When he was just 14, Alex Pardee was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and was admitted to a mental hospital, where he stayed for a few weeks. “While I was in there my parents brought me a book called The Draw Squad, which was an instructional book on how to draw,” Pardee says. “I realized at that time that drawing was the only thing that was able to make me feel better.”

Now a grown-up, at least in age, Pardee gifts the world his art, which is equal parts horror and comedy. One of the best examples: a piece from his series “The Butcher Kings” in which the Rice Krispies mascots are given The Human Centipede treatment.

“I like drawing wrinkles, and I like messy splashes of red paint, and I like sharp teeth and tentacles and scrunched-up faces,” explains Pardee of his style. And when asked which compartment his brain unlocks while he’s creating, he answers, “It’s more like rooms, and I think that most of my art comes from the bathroom of my brain.”

In addition to painting, Pardee has created comic books, apparel, and album artwork for the rock group The Used. The method he uses to create his art is just as unique as the art itself. “I love making a mess with paint and then having the ability to control that mess by drawing and inking on top of the mess,” Pardee says. “My preferred method is making a mess with watercolors, and then using a brush and india ink on top of it to make something hopefully cohesive out of it.”

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