Artful Dodger

HURLEY shirt; JVDF bracelets; PRISM sunglasses and ring; stylist’s own hat.

ZANEROBE tank top; GENERAL IDEA shorts; JVDF bracelets; model’s own socks; VANS shoes; PRISM sunglasses.

G-STAR RAW button-down; PRPS jeans; JVDF bracelets; VANS shoes.

ALLSAINTS shirt; G-STAR jeans; JVDF bracelets; VANS shoes; stylist’s own hat.

HURLEY tank; JVDF bracelets; PRISM sunglasses.

HURLEY shirt; JVDF bracelets; PRISM sunglasses; stylist’s own hat.

ZANEROBE t-shirt.

HURLEY tank; J&CO jeans; JVDF bracelets; CREATIVE RECREATION shoes; PRISM sunglasses.

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