Bautista Makes His Mark

WWE wrestler-turned-actor, Dave Bautista, stars as the intergalactic badass Drax the Destroyer in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. After taking off the body treatment (three and a half hours to put on, an hour and a half to shed) he talked with our Gilbert Macias.

INKED: So what’s the backstory on Drax’s markings? Could they be tattoos?
BAUTISTA: He never really refers to them as tattoos. He just refers to them as the story of his life. Which to me, I translate that as tattoos, because that’s what my tattoos are. They’re the story of my life.

Were you familiar with Drax before you got the role?
When I first got offered the audition, my acting coach told me to do some research because I wasn’t familiar with Drax. Then I saw a picture of him, and I was like Wait a minute, that guy looks familiar. I think we share a resemblance.

Drax might forever resemble you in cartoons, toys, and video games from now on. Crazy, right?
That’s the stuff I always loved about wrestling. They came out with the action figures and video games. It instantly turns me into a little kid. I’ve got that strong childlike, geeky side to me. It makes me proud of my career. It’s incredible and surreal.

Have your tattoos affected the types of roles you land?
I think my look, overall, is going to affect the type of roles I get. Hopefully, this role as Drax will limit that a little more. People will see that I take acting very seriously and that I’m more than just Bodyguard #2 [Laughs]. I love acting and I want to be taken seriously.

Do you see yourself, perhaps, getting a Drax tattoo?
I’ve got a little bit of time off and I plan on hitting up my tattoo guy, John Koral, in Tampa and getting a few things here and there. It’s definitely addictive and I’m living proof. I started with a tattoo on my butt so I could hide it from my dad [laughs]. I’m running out of room though. I would like to take a part of Drax’s life story and put it some – where on me, because now Drax is part of my life story.

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