Bombs Away

Drinking is the ultimate social lubricant. It can turn an awkward relationship with a coworker into an all-night party with your new best friend. But while a few casual beers can help bring people together, nothing says “let’s kick-start this friendship” better than a few old-fashioned “drop drinks.” There’s something about taking a shot glass full of delicious alcohol, dropping it into a pint glass full of more delicious alcohol, and then chugging that concoction as fast as possible that can bring camaraderie to a bar full of strangers. And according to Jessie DeVille, a bartender at The Fire Escape Bar & Grill in Citrus Heights, CA, “People like to race their drop shots because it almost becomes more of a game—a game that gets you wasted really fast.”
You’ve probably downed classic drop shots like the Irish Car Bomb, Boilermaker, and Jäger Bomb, but there are new mixtures in line to destroy your liver, such as the elegant Sake Bomb and the vicious Mexican Sweat (see below). These aren’t just for college freshman. Once you revisit this glorious form of binge boozing, you’ll wonder why you haven’t made “drop and chug” your only form of liquid consumption. Then you’ll forget your name and fall down.

Reverse Irish Car Bomb

Fill a rocks glass three-quarters with Jameson, drop in a shot glass filled with one part Guinness and one part Baileys, and chug. Then drop to your knees, sing “Sally MacLennane,” and hack up a leprechaun.

Flaming Jäger Bomb

If there’s one thing the Jäger Bomb was missing, it was fire. Set a shot glass of Jägermeister aflame and drop it into a pint of Red Bull. Then drink it like you just lost your job, because you probably will after a few of these.

Mexican Sweat

Down a shot glass full of habanero pepper sauce and chase it with a shot of tequila. Suck on a lime and then die. If this is what Mexican sweat actually tastes like, remind me to not lick a luchador anytime soon.

Quantum Leap

Get one huge glass (or a bowl if you’re feeling fancy) and fill it with a can of PBR, a shot of vodka, a shot of Jack Daniel’s, and a half can of Red Bull. Then down it as fast as you can. Then wake up in a different dimension.

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