Brock Korsan: A Diamond In The Rough

One of the top decision makers at Sony and Marketing Director at Diamond Supply Co., Brock Korsan, sits with blogger Karen Civil to chat music, clothing and ink but, for him, it’s all in a days work. This jack of all trades is behind some of the hottest trends in America and handles it all with a laugh and an occasional trip to the tattoo parlor. With the rise and present day cult following of Diamond Supply Co., Brock proves to be a living testament of the phrase “creating your own path.”

Inked: Talk to me a little bit about being an A&R consultant. What exactly does that consist of? What’s your day-to-day like?

Brock: I basically listen to a lot of music and give them my opinion while suggesting who we might sign. I also give input on artists’ albums, both on ones that are already out and projects to be released in the future.

Inked: What new artists who are on the rise have you been in the studio with that you happen to like a lot?

Brock: I’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of people, but I think my favorite right now would be Schoolboy Q.

Inked: And why is that?

Brock: He’s just dope, bottom line. We get along great. We have a lot of similar interests in tastes, mainly marijuana (laughs). He’s just dope. To me, he’s going to be one of the biggest stars on the rise in like a year or two.

Inked: How did you know the music industry was your calling?

Brock: I think ever since I was a little kid. I used to go to grandfather’s house and my uncle – who was in high school at the time – would be watching MTV all day long. And since the age of three, that’s all I ever wanted to do was listen to music everywhere I went. I was always the kid that would take the bus with the headphones. I was always introducing people to new music. That’s just what I did. I studied it. It was almost like a job.

Inked: You’re also the Marketing Director with Diamond Supply. Tell us a little bit about what that entails. That’s one of the hottest brands on the West Coast.

Brock: Yeah, it’s pretty crazy. I basically help strategize all of the collaborations, product placements and seedings. I’ve somewhat become the connection to the streets and people. I’m kind of the conduit. It’s making sure out strategies and our ideologies as a brand are carried out through everything that we do and everyone we affiliate ourselves with. You know, making sure the brand recognition is there and make sure we keep pushing the envelope in terms of different marketing tactics and stuff like that.

Inked: You know, just to add also, you guys went from being just a street brand to a more premium brand. You’ll go from a skater wearing your clothing to looking on television and see David Beckham sitting courtside with the clothes on. What’s the strategic plan behind that?

Brock: That stuff is almost trickle down effect because there are certain core groups of people that influence others. I think that with us the more we pledge to our core and the type of identifiers that we relate to, I feel like we will have a pretty good lock on taste in terms of music, culture, clothing, aesthetics, everything; to the point where “why wouldn’t you want to?”

We set it up so if you feel any type of alignment any of our likes, you’re naturally going to want to wear our product. I think that’s where all that comes from. We’ve just got a pretty good core system of music people, fashion people, skateboard people, sports people to where the best of the best in each of their fields wears our stuff and that spreads out to the general public.

Inked: With Hip-Hop, there’s always certain subtle traits that have come to define the genre. Tattoos being one. First off, how many do you have?

Brock: Technically, it looks like one big tattoo, but I’ve had about eight different sessions.

Inked: Tell us a little bit about them.

Brock: My first tattoo was my grandfather’s name when he passed away. That was like my dedication to him. It was my first tattoo and it was something my dad was always opposed to. He was always like, “Whatever you do, don’t get tattoos. It’s too permanent.” So I waited awhile to figure out what I was going to do with the rest of them. Or what career path I knew I was going to take. When my grandfather passed away though, it just kind of made sense that I would memorialize him like that on my arm.

Inked: So would you say that’s the one with the most meaning?

Brock: Yeah, I would say that and then the angel obviously.

Inked: So what did your dad say? Was he still mad?

Brock: Nah!! You know what’s crazy? He was cool. My brother has tattoos. Shout out to my brother, they’re fucking terrible! His homie did them, but I think the fact I got a really good tattoo it was a bit of an eye opener for him. He wasn’t so opposed to them.

Inked: Is there anything else on your arm that has a story? Like maybe of a girl, a trip to Vegas…

Brock: Nah, no drunk tattoos. I’ve gone into a tattoo session not knowing what I’m going to get because I’ll just book my time with my guy. But no, there’s nothing I’ve got that was like, “Fuck was I thinking…”

Inked: Since you say you really don’t know what you’re going to get until you get there, how do you decide?

Brock: I have ideas in my head. I can’t really explain the creative process, but I have ideas of how I like things to look. I think that being that I’m such an impulsive person it really comes off impulsive. But it’s really a thought process that takes place over a period of time and then I finally make a decision. I put together everything in my head just based off art that I like. You know, like ancient Roman architecture and things of that nature. For me, I just pool these thoughts together and I may see something in a book that I think is crazy. It’s just inspiration of things I like.

Inked: You haven’t added any color.

Brock: I don’t have any color tattoos. For me, I just like the traditional black and white. I’ve seen some excellent color tattoos, but I’m more into classic stuff.

Inked: How do you feel about the new versions and techniques for tattoos that are emerging? I know there’s like the corner dark stuff. Are you into all that?

Brock: Ehhhh, I’m more into the traditional tattoos. It’s funny because as a kid I wasn’t anything traditional. Then I got to a certain point in my life where I could really appreciate the subtleties of traditional things, so I choose to stick with that.

Inked: So what about this left arm? It’s pretty bare.

Brock: (laughs) Yeah, it’s butt naked.

Inked: Can we expect you to start working on this one?

Brock: In my mind, I always just had one arm sleeve. You never know though. Again, that impulsive side of me may be like once I get done with one arm I may venture off to the other.

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