Carla Wyzgala – Not Your Grandpa’s Pin-Ups


Carla Wyzgala


Carla Wyzgala makes watercolor glam girls for the 21st century.

In the ever-changing—and now digitally influenced—art scene, being a pin-up artist who uses watercolor is something to be admired. Carla Wyzgala is holding on to the finite art with all her might. “I try to stay true to myself in my artwork and stay true to watercolor by creating a world that I would love to live in,” she says.

For this Chicagoan, painting modern-day pin-ups has always been more than brushing girls with a pretty face. “Drawing ladies was the ulti- mate expression of ‘dress-up’ for me as a young girl. That part of the process still remains the most enjoyable to me—only now it is designing pin-ups dressed in lingerie, tattoos, and piercings,” says Wyzgala. “But it’s important to me to give every girl that I paint a personality and story too.”

Wyzgala may be faithful to her watercolor brushes, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t dabbled in the thought of testing out her artistic talent with a tattoo machine. “I have seen my work tattooed by other artists and think it translates very well,” she says. “It certainly makes me consider learning how to do it—but for now I will just keep getting tattooed.”

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