Chris Saint Clark

Chris Saint Clark

Kustom Thrills
1000 Main St.
Nashville, TN

Artist Chris Saint Clark tattoos amazing black-and-gray pieces from his shop in country music’s capital, but his entry into the inked world came through the punk scene. “I was 17 and playing in a punk band when my best friend hand-poked a skull with bat wings on my arm and I thought I was the shit,” he says. “It was a downhill rock ’n’ roll ride from then on.”

His first brush with a rock star in industry was a very Keith-Moon-in-a-hotel-room experience. “Gill Montie had texted me about doing a guest spot at my studio. Then we met at the Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth when we were both very drunk. I proposed a toast to our future together with some green absinthe, and the next thing I knew I was waking up in my hotel room with Froot Loops everywhere and a foggy memory. I go down to the convention floor, and someone’s like, ‘What happened to Gill last night? I heard he has broken hands and doesn’t remember a thing!’

About 10 minutes later Gill walks up with bandages on his hands. He pauses, looks at me, and says, ‘And who the fuck are you?’”

The lasting impression Saint Clark wants to leave—on his gravestone—is an etching of a skull and crossbones with the inscription “Never doing that again.”

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