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Former porn super starlet Christy Mack gives you a one-woman show.

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I was kicked off of Facebook for impersonating myself. Though I post better things on Twitter, my Instagram took off. I guess some people just like to look at me. Once in a while I drop major wisdom on Twitter…and nothing happens.

You have to handle snakes every day or as frequently as you can. I own nine snakes and they just tolerate people, all they want is warmth and food, in order for them not to give you attitude you have to handle them a lot. If I am going to put my make-up on I will put a snake on my shoulders or if I am going to watch TV and nap I’ll grab a bigger snake and put it around me.

I came into porn at the exact time when nobody was like me—a very curvaceous woman with tattoos. Usually when you see a tattooed girl in porn she has no tits, no ass, she’s like a stick figure.

I have not filmed anything in 10 months, I might go back to porn in the future but right now is just not the time for me. My website is still a place for people too see films that they can’t see anywhere else. Porn was great, I got my start there, it got me followers on all social networks it got me to branch out to other things like my online store, posters, appearances, and Flesh Light.

I have a few of my Flesh Lights around the house and I tried to make them queef for longer than I should admit to.

Nobody would want anything to do with me had I not started in porn, and maybe I will go back someday.

When you get to a point in business when you don’t have to do something why do it? If I am making more money doing non-physical things why would I put my body and my mind through something that demanding?

Some days were way easier than others. You show up, you have sex, you have fun and you leave with a check. Other days you are giving a blowjob for 12 hours, and it’s like what am I doing wrong here?

You never realize how ugly you are until you are in a makeup chair for three hours.

When I have sex on camera I am going to put my legs in places I didn’t know I could put them, but if I am having sex in my personal life I am not there to impress, I am there to have a good time. If you think you have to impress your partner you are in the wrong situation.

I love the look of tattoos. When I get up in the morning and look in the mirror I feel beautiful for having tattoos. The beautiful thing is that the more tattoos I get, the more beautiful I become.

I’m glad that I didn’t get all my tattoos quickly, I collected. As my life progressed, my tattoos progressed. And I have more room so I hope I have a lot of life left. I want to get to that place not just all in one day.

I fly in my artist from Indiana, John Haase, who did my heart, the back of my neck, my hands and my underboob.

I will never tattoo my ass or my boobies—those are the moneymakers!

Since I am rarely in clothes, no matter where I get tattooed eventually someone is going to see it.

Check out a video of Christy promoting our August issue here.

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