We’re counting on the writer who coined grunge and emo to come up with a word for the new breed of bands like Muse, Dredg, Brand New, and Crime in Stereo that fuse everything from hardcore riffs to indie rock melodies. Regardless of the genre’s yet-to-be-determined name, Crime in Stereo does it well. “Not Dead” marches forward on a muddy riff until the chorus erupts into a volley of grunge-style “hey”s as singer Kristian Hallbert wails, “I’m not dead but you’re losing me.” The band’s melodic hardcore roots surface on “I Am Everything I Am Not,” built around twitchy guitar and a fist-pumping chorus, while Hallbert unleashes a Cobain-like scream on the explosive, melodic “Type One.” Whatever you call it, we like it.

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