Dancing in the Dark with Dev

You may recognize 22-year-old recording artist Dev from some of her hits “Like a G6” and “In The Dark” but do you really know Dev? Between having her hands full promoting her debut album, raising her daughter and just trying to live a “regular” life, Dev is also filming her MTV reality show. The show follows Dev around during her pregnancy and the release of her upcoming album. It’s pretty safe to say that Dev’s life is no longer “In The Dark”.

Inked: Your show, dev, premieres on May 23rd at 11/10c on MTV, tell us about it!

Dev: it goes into detail of what I’m really going through as an ‘up and coming artist’. I work really hard everyday. On top of that I’m having a baby who is born with a birth condition and continues to have multiple surgeries. I’m also engaged to a pro skate boarder, oh yeah and I’m only 22. I’m trying to be a boss. Filming was wack only because I was 8 months pregnant for the most of it, haha, so I wasn’t feeling cameras in my face, but I’m getting to share my story, so it’s awesome!

Inked: The hour long premiere is going to talk about your daughter Emilia who was born with a condition called gastroschisis – is there a reason you chose to speak about it on the show? Can you tell us a little about the condition and your daughter?

Dev: Emilia was born with a birth defect that had her intestine and bowels growing outside of the skin on her stomach, so when she was born they took her straight into surgery to try and put her intestine back into place. The first surgery took a process of one week to complete. The recovery was a few weeks long, learning to eat and digest was also a few weeks long. I was a new mom who spent my first months with my baby hooked to breathing machines and tubes, and the doctors don’t know what causes gastroschisis. I want other families to know I feel their pain and to know they can get through it too. I want to be the voice for other families and people who go through the same things. I want my family to inspire people.

Inked: Your balancing being a mother and having a music career, how do you do it?

Dev: There’s no other option. I love music and performing, and I obviously love my family. I work my ass off lol

Inked: At four years old you started swimming as part of the US Olympic development program… is it still a love of yours? Any other hobbies?

Dev: I started competing at four years old. I love to swim so much and am so happy I spent all my child years doing so. My goal is to have a lap pool in my house. Soon!! As far as other hobbies, I hella like to read, I love sports, clothes, and oh yeah Bud Light.

Inked: Your debut album, “The Night The Sun Came Up”, just dropped on March 27th – what’s been the response to it so far? How did you come up with the name of the album?

Dev: Rolling Stone gave me such a good review, they got it, no one ever gets me lol. The response for the album has been really cool and I couldn’t be happier for the album I made. As far as the name, I wanted something to reflect my rags to almost riches, my small town to big town life, its like turning a new leaf.

Inked: You have collaborated with artists like Enrique Iglesias, Timbaland and Afrojac, to name a few, what was it like?

Dev: Fucking awesome. All of those dudes are legends. I’ve learned a lot from every person I’ve been in the studio with and I really appreciate that. I’m growing everyday as an artist, so working with these people is great.

Inked: Describe your style both as an artist and as a person.

Dev: I’m inspired by early grunge and punk music, that’s the shit I loved as a young child. I also loved No Doubt and the Fugees. As I grew up I had a love for hip-hop culture. Both punk and street styles are liberating and I guess I’m into that rebellious freedom, I don’t know (ha ha), that’s my shit. My artist style and personal style go pretty hand in hand. I amp it up a lil more for stage and making music though.

Inked: Do your tattoos reflect your style and personality? How and what are they? Do any pertain to your musical career? Being a mother?

Dev: My tattoos definitely reflect my style and personality, they’re all stuff I like! I have Cataracs lyrics, I have ‘Menina Bonita’ in Portuguese and ‘Esta Loca’ in Spanish. And I have some stuff for my favorite artists. A couple of weeks ago I got my sister and parents’ initials on the side of my knee and my fiancé’s name on my upper thigh, those hurt like a bitch. But once again, the rebellious freedom of tattoos is something I’m into. I’d love to have my other arm done and my legs, and now that I’m not carrying a child I may have the time, we’ll see lol.

Check out Dev and the premiere of her self-named MTV reality show on May 23rd at 11/10c!

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