Dmitriy Samohin

Dmitriy Samohin

INKED: What drives you?

DMITRIY SAMOHIN: My love for art is what drives me to do what I do best. I mainly work as a tattoo artist, but I also like to paint. If I had more free time it would all go into painting.

INKED: How do you advance your art?

DMITRIY SAMOHIN: I strive to improve on a daily basis. My clients provide me with work that allows me to try new things—new concepts come to me from clients. I often see things, talk to people, and read things that turn into ideas. My daily life is what inspires me but my goal is to deliver perfection to all my clients.

INKED: Why do you think your clients come to you?

DMITRIY SAMOHIN: Because they like my work. Most come to me for my photo- realism, but I have many other clients that trust me to perform other styles.

INKED: How did photorealism become your signature style?

DMITRIY SAMOHIN: I always attempted to execute all styles—any- thing that comes my way. Photorealism is one of my favorites as it is complicated to re-create, whether a painting or a tattoo. I like the challenge. The more complicated, the better.

INKED: What’s the most difficult part of a portrait tattoo?

DMITRIY SAMOHIN: All portraits have a need for detail—the eyes, the skin, the hair, certain clothing. Details are what make a portrait come alive. A portrait’s eyes are the focal point, so they need to speak. Eyes reveal everything!

INKED: How do you discuss designs with your clients?

DMITRIY SAMOHIN: It’s all about teamwork. I listen to what they have in mind, I share my thoughts, and we work it out together. It happens often that the original idea changes, especially with larger pieces. My main focus is to have my client satisfied. We will brainstorm for as long as needed.

INKED: The subject matter of your work is culturally mixed. You have African, Native American, Spanish, and Japanese themes. How much research do you do?

DMITRIY SAMOHIN: I get the pictures and ideas from my clients and then we begin to execute. Certain tribes interest me and I will read about them, but I have no knowledge of all the different cultures, tribes, or races I tattoo.

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