Electric Ladyland

L.A. Roxx jacket; Insight shorts; Neivz ring; Patricia Field ring; Noir bracelets; Report Signature boots.

“My arm says ‘Pema,’ my sister’s name. When I moved to America I left her back in England and wanted to carry her on my arm at all times. I designed it myself and our friend did it.”

Seville Michelle Anastos shoulder piece; UNIF skirt; Noir bracelets; Ivanka Trump bracelet; stylist’s own bracelet; BCBG ring; Marco Marco ring.

“I love being naked. In the world I grew up in the adults would be naked a lot—it’s a hippie thing. My mom would go to Stonehenge and they’d all get naked. We just went to Stonehenge recently and when one person got naked they got arrested. Being naked is beautiful; it is natural. I just want to be free.”

BOTB by Hellz Bellz shirt; A-Morir sunglasses; Patricia Field belts (one worn as necklace); Geoffrey Mac skirt; ODD ring; Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

“My favorite song on the album is ‘Poisoned With Love.’ I wrote it in a taxi after a fight with my boyfriend. I recorded the whole thing on my iPhone and I was crying when I recorded it.”

L.A. Roxx jacket; Neivz ring; Patricia Field ring; Noir bracelets.

“My first tattoo was my gypsy tattoo on my wrist. When I left home for India I decided to embrace my culture and be proud of who I am. It was to show the world that I am proud of who I am. As a child all you want to do is fit in and be normal. I wanted to change my name to Melanie [Neon is her real name; her dad was a lighting technician] and be a normal girl who lives in a house. It’s only when you grow up that your differences make you beautiful.”

Geoffrey Mac dress; Monserat De Lucca bracelet; Patricia Field ring.

“The tattoo that means the most to me is ‘Amy’ on my finger, for Amy Winehouse. I got it the day she died—she was a very close friend of mine, an inspiration. Not only was she really talented, she was a beautiful person who really changed my life. We met in London back in the day because our boyfriends were friends, and then we reconnected at a party. I was homeless, I didn’t have anybody, and she was the mother hen who took me in and looked after me. We were always singing in our flat. Now she lives on, on my hand.”

L.A. Roxx jacket; Insight shorts; Neivz ring; Patricia Field ring; Noir bracelets; Report Signature boots.

“Traveling is so comfortable for me. I sleep like a baby on the tour bus. I like to keep moving or I get bored. I just got done touring with Travie McCoy, who also tattoos, and he is going to finish my wrist tattoo. The piece is going to represent the magical world I live in with the illuminati eye looking out for me.”

L.A. Roxx jacket; Insight shorts; Neivz ring; Patricia Field ring; Noir bracelets; Report Signature boots.

“It was cool that Mashable named me one of their top artists to follow on Instagram. I’m a very visual person and it’s a way for me to invite fans into my world. There are some things that you can’t say with words, so I consider myself a performer—an artist—first, even though I write my own songs.”

Geoffrey Mac dress; Monserat De Lucca bracelet; Noir bracelet; Patricia Field ring; Mercura NYC sunglasses; Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

“I am what you see. What I really want to do is reach people. Music is a very powerful tool, but I also use my social media and performances to show people that any- thing is possible if you believe in yourself. I feel like a lot of kids are suppressed and told they can’t do something, but I am living proof that anything is possible.”

Geoffrey Mac dress; A-Morir sunglasses; BCBG necklace.

“Somebody tweeted me the other day, ‘Thank you, Neon, because of you I am no longer scared of gypsies.’ Beg, Borrow, and Steal is a play on what people think of gypsies but really represents my hustle to get to where I am. I grew up a traveler, per- forming music on the side of the street. That’s how I always made a living. I’m a natural-born performer.”

BOTB by Hellz Bellz shirt; A-Morir sunglasses; Patricia field belts (one worn as necklace); ODD ring.

“We didn’t have any electricity so we often had to make music ourselves. I grew up listening mostly to folk music by the fire. My dad, who lived in London, listened to Michael Jackson, Madonna, and the Beatles. My mom was really into punk, so that’s where my attitude comes from. I am a rebel.”

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