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EvaSchatz-HDWhat sparked your interest in tattooing?
I got tattooed by my former teacher, Leo, and while he was tattooing, I thought, Do I want to do this—could this be my thing? A flame burned in me, so I did everything I could to get an apprenticeship and learned how to tattoo. Years before, I had studied fashion design and graphic design, so I had a nice background for drawing and composing, and now I know it helped me a lot to develop my style quickly.

What’s the pin-up scene like in Europe?
I don’t know if there is a real pin-up scene in Germany and Austria. There is a big rockabilly scene with some Bettie Page look-alikes, but that’s it.

Whose pin-up style do you admire?
Joe Capobianco inspired me a lot. His pin-ups have so much power and attitude. I really love the inspiring pin-ups from Emily Rose Murray, Valerie Vargas, Xam the Spaniard, and Claudia De Sabe. They are so incredibly beautiful. I get inspired by so many great photographers, and when I see a picture of a beautiful model I need to draw her. I love to go to museums and get inspired by the old masters of painting, like Caravaggio, Rubens, Mucha. Standing in front of their paintings is a really special feeling of pure happiness.

What would you say is your style?
I think it is a big mixture of traditional, comic, and realistic—in full color. I love to work with colors! I can feel more in color.

What do you like most about tattooing pin-ups?
No human beings are exactly the same, not even twins. So you have millions of impressions every day, and no tattoo will look the same. Plus, I love to draw women.


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