Everything is Going to Be All Rye



A throwback American liquor is getting its resurgence.

Tasty rye recipes are below the article but first…



damsel-w-dank-hdA chat with Damsel W. Dank of 16-Bit, a bar and arcade in Columbus, OH.

So 16-Bit is an adult arcade?
It is a retro watering hole offering classic arcade games, old-school cocktails, and craft brews—and it’s accompanied by the best bar staff in town!

What’s the most popular game?
Mortal Kombat 3.

Do you ever play video games in your downtime?
I have an N64 and a Super Nintendo at home that you can hardly peel me away from. I am a master of Mario Kart 64 for the N64; I have gone undefeated for the last five years.

You have reverse happy hour every Sunday. What is that?
From 10 p.m. to close, it’s $2 off all our draft beers, for those who need to drink away the Sunday night blues.

What’s your favorite tattoo?
I have a special love for the tattoo of my dog, Penelope the Puggle Princess, done by Gunnar Gaylord. He captured her essence perfectly while adding his own creative style. I’m honored to showcase work by such an influential artist.

What’s the tattoo scene like in Columbus?
It’s widespread, with Hell City and a large population of tattooed models around.

Do the models come in to 16-Bit?
Of course they do! We are like an alternative sorority of hot tattooed girls. And did I mention the games are free to play while you drink?


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You’ve tasted Bulleit’s bourbon, no doubt, and their rye mash holds up to the quality of the distillery. With this new-ish rye (the first run was in 2011) we like to shake it into the most classic of rye drinks, the Sazerac, created by Thomas H. Handy in pre–Civil War New Orleans.

1 barspoon (about 1 tsp) Herbsaint
2oz rye
1 barspoon water
1 sugar cube
4 dashes Peychaud’s bitters
Lemon twist

Coat a rocks glass with the Herbsaint then toss. Stir remaining ingredients in a shaker until chilled and strain into the glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

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