Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Armed with futuristic military gadgets like remote-controlled drones, optical camouflage, and heat-seeking bullets, the Ghosts rip through general infantry like a steak knife rips through paper. But after a group of ultranationalists overthrow the Russian government, they unleash their own super soldiers to combat our futuristic killing machines. Known as the Bodark, these highly skilled operatives love bloodshed so much they get tattoos to commemorate trophy kills. Your job as a Ghost is to neutralize this specialized unit and stabilize the region in the four-player cooperative campaign. If you roll solo, the Harvard-smart squad doesn’t need any hand-holding. Just tell them who to kill and when. A campaign lasts roughly 10 hours, but the full-featured multiplayer mode offers infinite replay value with two different progression paths that give all unique, unlockable weapons and armor. Play If You Like: Act of Valor, Rainbow Six, Tom Clancy novels —Matt Bertz

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