Ink On The Street: Billy Braun

Ink On the Street

SUBJECT: Billy Braun

SPOTTED: Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

WHERE HE GETS INKED: Braun frequents Greene Ave. Tattoo in Brooklyn, where Akira Latanzio has been marking up his left leg. “It’s just an ongoing collection of flash, but some of my favorite tattoos are in there, like this badass cobra and this moon/UFO jammer,” he says. “There’s a couple of wonky colors in there mixed in with black shading. It’s just a bunch of killer tattoos.”

WHAT HE’S WEARING: Comune Olsen jacket, $170; Alek shirt, $72; Braydon jeans, $92, all

BRAND BACKSTORY: Comune is an L.A.–based clothing design house for the skater-snowboarder with panache. From fleeces to denim to scarves, their wares look like they belong in Neiman Marcus—if Neiman Marcus had a skate section. Although the look is luxe, the pricing is not, and a purchase gives you the feeling that you just got away with shoplifting. The spirit of adrenaline is woven into everything that’s part of the Comune experience, including the fabrics and their skate and snowboard team, which features Brendan Gerard, Joseph Lopez, Jordan Sanchez, and Ben Rice. And while those names are fine, the jacket styles are even better: Alvin, Maxwell, Bernard, Mitchell, and Earl—they read like the roll call of an awesome old man’s social club.

WHAT ELSE HE’S WEARING: Rugby T-shirt, Supreme hat, Red Wing boots, vintage watch and rings.

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