Ink On The Street: Lawson Rhys Taylor

SUBJECT: Lawson Rhys Taylor

SPOTTED: West Village, New York City

WHERE HE GETS INKED: Everywhere, but his favorite piece is by Kiwi Damo, who was working on the Gold Coast in Australia at the time. Damo inked a portrait of Taylor’s grandmother inside a rope chain, on his inner forearm. “It means that I’m never alone when I’m traveling the world,” says Taylor.

WHAT HE’S WEARING: Black Scale XX Jacket ($140) and Blvck Ring Rose Gold ($65,

BRAND BACKSTORY: If there is any group that wears more black than the inked it would be the clergy—but it’s a close contest. San Francisco-based clothing line Black Scale (often seen as Blvck Scvle) stays true to their name by using mainly a pallete devoid of color. Instead they let their shapes, the scale part, create the styling. By cutting silhouettes from slim-fitting jackets to the oversized shirts that have become de rigueur in the urban landscape, they straddle the tastes of hipsters and hip-hoppers. With an accessories line, collaborations with New Era and Stu?ssy, and an A$AP Mob collection, Black Scale is on the streets and on the map.

WHAT ELSE HE’S WEARING: The Hundreds vest and shirt; Levi’s jeans; Clark’s shoes.

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