Ink On The Street: Will Lanier

Ink On The Street

SUBJECT: Will Lanier

SPOTTED: Gramercy Park

WHERE HE GET’S INKED: East Side Ink by Kristi Walls. “My favorite tattoo is definitely my latest half sleeve that includes a snowy owl, an anchor, a compass, and a rose. It’s definitely a nerdy tattoo. The compass on my shoulder is my favorite part of it, and it represents direction and also my favorite novel, The Golden Compass. The owl represents wisdom and fierceness—but also my obsession with Harry Potter. The anchor represents being grounded but never held down, and the rose is about love. We added yellow to it for the yellow rose of Texas because that is where I’m from. Tank tops in the summer are a must—I love showing off Kristi’s masterpiece.”

WHAT HE’S WEARING: Athletic Recon tank top ($28); Athletic Recon camo running pants ($70,

BRAND BACKSTORY: The problem with activewear is that it looks like you are coming and going from the gym. The time you put in on the elliptical should be shown in your physique, not some garb that makes you appear as if you are on your way to showcasing your skills at the NFL combine. Enter Athletic Recon. The new apparel company makes clothing that is strong enough for a workout but is styled for the streets. In the fashion arena there is a revered function of clothing called day-to-night, as in you can wear it to the office and then out to a cocktail party. Athletic Recon pushes that versatility toward men with a more active lifestyle. Oh yeah, and Channing Tatum wears their gear.

WHAT ELSE HE’D WEARING: Nike sneakers; G-Shock watch; Ray-Ban sunglasses; Miansai jewelry; Osprey backpack.

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