InkAddict: Q & A

Inked Magazine sits down with Nathan Martin of InkAddict to chat about the brand and how it has grown into the “addictive” slew of products it is today.

Inked: Tell us a little about the brand, how you got started and how you chose your name.
InkAddict: InkAddict is a tattoo lifestyle brand that appeals to the tattoo enthuasist. Established in 2008, the original concept, which was to allow the customer to put his tattoo on a t-shirt, has since evolved into a full fledged apparel company with worldwide distribution. What’s crazy is, just over a year ago we were working out of a basement; now, we’re looking for a larger facility to accommodate for growing demand – it’s an exciting time for us!

To be honest I’m not sure which one of us came up with the name – what’s more, depending on who’d you ask, you’d probably get a different answer. People always come up to us and say how addicting tattoos are – the name just seemed to fit. I think the name InkAddict appeals to a lot of people, especially those with tattoos.

Inked: Are there any tattoo artists that you borrowed inspiration from?

InkAddict: From the beginning we wanted to incorporate tattoo artists’ designs on our site, and have devoted an entire section where you can purchase over 50 artists designs. We also wanted to make sure that we gave back to the artists, allowing them to make a percentage of each shirt sold. This has allowed Inkaddict to sell two types of shirts: our brand name and logo as well as graphic artist tees. So I would say that we are constantly inspired by the tattoo industry.

Inked: You feature t-shirts, tanks, hoodies and hats – tell us why you chose this canvas? I see an accessories section in the making, what can we expect?

InkAddict: I think the canvas was an easy one to choose – it’s what we wear everyday. A tee, hat, Chucks and Levis – together seems to be our unofficial uniform. We have some really cool accessorie scoming out soon I think fits our brand well — but you’re just going to have to stay tuned. Also, we’ve got some other projects and collaborations in the works which will launch in the coming months.

Inked: Who is the artist behind the line? What’s the creative process behind the designs?

InkAddict: We have so many artists that help make up Inkaddict that it’s difficult to name just one. InkAddict isn’t about any single person or idea – rather it’s a collaboration of individuals striving to put out a good product and make a difference.

We feel that most companies that last do a good job of branding their names and logos, which is what we are trying to do. I mean, take a look at the top clothing brands in, say, skateboarding and surfing – they can be recognized simply by their logos. Most of the artists we work with come from other tattoo artists’ referrals – and that is how our family has grown so rapidly in the past year.

Inked: Tell us a little about the people behind the brand? Are most of you inked?

InkAddict: Well, there are three of us who are partners, plus a broader team that makes the gears turn. Jim Doyon does most of our sales andmarketing; Lance Kellar, a tattoo artist and owner of shop here in Metro Detroit, takes care of the artist section; and me, Nathan Martin – I handle most of product development and production. That said, to imply that the three of us do it all would severely understate the efforts made by so many – our employees, friends, family, artists and musicians, all of whom contribute daily to our growth and following. And yes, all of us have tattoos – some more than others.

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