Inked Digital Dream Girl: Dutchess Lattimore

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What have you been up to/working on?

Right now in my life I’m working on building an empire with being apart of Black Ink Crew. I have been able to truly follow my dreams. Soon I will own two tattoo shops, one in Miami and the other has to definitely be in North Carolina. I’m very excited for this venture as well as my collaboration with Flat Fitty and Vaunt sunglasses.

What do you look for in a guy/what’s your type?

My type is healthy first, then personality has to be next, intellect is a must. I like men with ambition and drive and the most importantly he has to have a good relationship with the women in his life (mom).

How can a guy get your attention?

A man can get my attention by stimulating my mind first and being patient for the body.

What turns you on?

Being in a relationship that me and my man can make money together and enjoy it together.

What makes you stand out?

I love that woman that I am. I write my story, I edit it and publish it, meaning I’m in control of my being and that’s power of loving yourself!

What drew you to work in alternative modeling?

I was kind of brought into the alternative modeling industry being a female artist as well as being deeply involved in the tattoo culture and lifestyle. It was a natural progression for me as an artist.

How did you get into tattoo culture?

It was actually my father who got me into it. He was always inked up and he took me to get my first tattoo. I’m a daddy’s girl.

What’s your favorite piece and why?

I would have to say it’s my Cameo chest piece by Carl Grace. He’s an amazing artist and I love his work. I feel this piece really defines me. It’s classic, elegant, yet strong. It really defines me.

How have tattoos shaped your image?

People perceive me as being really strong because I’m inked up. I am strong but I’m just as human as everyone else. I hurt at times, but I’m always expected to me extra tough. They also add to my sexy.

What are some pieces you are planning on getting?

I’m running out of space, I think I’m going to have to talk with my grandma. I promised her I would only tattoo the left side of my body but there’s so much work I want to get right now, I don’t know. I hate to go back on a promise but I love getting inked…

What would you say is your best feature?

I hear a lot of different things from my eyes, to lips, to smile, legs, booty. I don’t know. I would have to say all of me, not being conceited, but I’m an entire person not just one feature. You have to see me and my ink as a whole to get the perfect picture of me.

What is one secret you would like to share with us?

I still feel like there is a lot for me to learn about tattooing. I know I’m good, I know I’m great, but I still always feel there’s so much more I want to learn.

If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now, what would you like to do?

I went to school for business, that’s what my degrees are in. My original plans had me working my way to CEO of a Fortune 5 company at this time in my life. I’m glad I decided to go with my art. I have a lot more fun and I’m on my way to being a Fortune 5 company now.

What makes you an Urban Inked Girl?

I’m definitely an urban girl and I’m certainly inked. I have the attitude and all that, the sexiness, the toughness, everything. But what makes me an Urban Inked Girl is that I love this culture, I love this art, and my heart is truly in it. I get inked as a form of expression, not because it’s a trend, or to look good. I love Ink.


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