Inked Digital Dream Girl: Ilaria Pozzi


Ilaria Pozzi

We expand our horizon this week with the lovely Italian tattooed model Ilaria Pozzi. In this photo shoot by Corrado Dalcò, the enchantress from the boot pairs her collection of ink with a striking coquettish expression. Much like her, the shoot is raw, elegant and timeless. “I am inspired by every era,” she says of her American Traditional tattoos, her throwback hairdo and fashion-forward make-up. “Sincerely I don’t know why people are drawn to my work,” she says when asked about her renown, which is demure for sure as is the overall package including her newest pice “a bone riding a frog” on her left leg. Her turn-offs? “Haughty and useless people.” Her biggest thrill, “Without any planning to go to a place that I don’t know and see what happens.” Cross your fingers it is your hometown next.


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