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What’s your deal?

I’m a self employed artist and a romantic rebel. In March I will be starting adult webcam entertainment. The link to the site I’ll be working on will be posted on all my social networking sites.

When did you first start getting tattooed and why?
I was 20 and lived in Vancouver. I felt this tremendous need to decorate my skin with a sword. I searched the nearest tattoo place and synchronicity had it that the dude’s shop was covered it swords. I thought that was pretty rad.

Do you think tattoos can enhance sex appeal?
100%. They must be quality tattoos though. If I had two identical men to choose from and one had deadly tattoos, while the other one didn’t have any, I’d jump the guy with ink hands down. I’d still invite the other one to join in of course. I’m polite.

Which is your favorite tattoo?
My lower back piece and the chest piece that flows into the tattoo on my stomach.

What does your chest piece symbolize?
For me it represents eternally evolving. The butterfly, the mask, and the ankh are really special and dear too me.

Do you go to one artist or a few?
One artist. Kyle Kirkland aka Moose At Calgary Tattoo Company.

What is the text on your side?
“Consequence is no coincidence” and “He tickles my soul.”

It looks like you have one color piece, any reason to depart from all black-and-grey?
I wanted to color just this one turquoise because it’s a color that speaks to me, and it represents the color of the sky. It symbolizes that you can never tie my wings down, but you can tie me up. I have a little purple one too, try and find it…

Your eyes are beautiful! What do you think is your best attribute?
Muchas gracias! I dig my little brown eyes too, and my lazy left eye! I also think that I’m very tender and have a kindred spirit; I love to give.

What is something that you’d like our audience to know about you?
I have many projects in the works right now. I’m building content for my website and we have big plans for our clothing line! I will be working with one of the finest artists I know. Our mission is to deliver unique fashion for a cause; this will be a game changer! Follow my pages so you can stay informed of course.

What do you want for your next tattoo piece?
My biggest one yet is being drawn up right now. It will cover more than half my left leg. I can’t tell you what it is though; it’s a surprise.

What is your vice? 
Smoking cigarettes.

What’s your perfect day? 
Waking up to strong hands giving me a deep tissue massage from head to toe, and then having morning sex. No words would be exchanged, just the shared feelings and sensations would be present. I would go to yoga after that and then have an exquisite raw food meal with a delicious juice. A pedicure would follow that, along with a foot massage, which would follow up with afternoon sex. At the end of the day I would head to the beach for a music festival. Good vibes! Good beats! Good treats! I would end the night with more fun, and let’s just say sometimes six hands are better than two!

That’s one hell of a way to end this interview unless you have any parting words.
“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes, because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.” -Rumi

Twitter: @flykarmabird

Photographer: Amanda Diaz


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