Inked Digital Dream Girl: Samantha Mae


Under Cover with Samantha Mea

The winter months can be harsh and hard to get through. The fight through the gruesome day outside in the cold, perpetually, frantically trying to cover up every inch of bare skin with the warmest clothing possible. We are constantly hiding under layers and battling through the cold. Your only constant thought throughout the day is how bad you want to head back to that cozy sanctuary called home and swallow the warmth of a giant mug of hot whisky that melts in your veins and washes away all of the affliction from the day. Wrapping up in a blanket with someone warm would just be a plus, which is where Samantha Mae comes in. Crawl into this sweetly seductive garden of pure bliss. Her skin is soft, sultry, and dotted with tattoos, and her locks smell like sweet white chocolate. The sheets are silky as tepid milk and will warm you to your core. Indulge in the comforts that this haven provides from the arctic outside.


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