Scents and Sensuality


Stephani Chapman

Her Photo Gallery Follows the Text



Smells have a visceral reaction on the psyche. Think of it: you walk into a tattoo shop and you smell the green soap in the air, the ink, the skin. Adrenaline speeds up your heart. You are stimulated in the most primal of senses. Scent cuts to the core of human emotion. Take for instance this sensual set of Stefani Chapman. Photographer Willie Toledo didn’t decide to photograph the striking model in an opulent or soft setting, and the result is jarring. Stefani sits on a stoop wearing high socks and you can smell the paint chipping off the house behind her. She then moves into the kitchen and props herself up the counter juxtaposed with dishes soaking in the sink. This is not a sterile environment, the place has the different smell that is unique to each person’s place—in this case soap, grease and perhaps a pet somewhere off camera. But Stefani’s looks are too stunning to only share with the chores chart on the fridge and empty pizza boxes so she takes a stroll. Wearing cut-off jean shorts and half of a Misfits T-shirt she takes to the boardwalk. The salt air and the odor of French fries and ketchup mingle with Stefani’s perfume and pheromones. Those nearby are hoping a stiff breeze either pops her shirt up a scooch or sends a hint of her intoxicating scent.

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