Inked Girl: Alesandra Nicole

Patterson J. Kincaid kimono; Brian Atwood heels.
Alesandra Nicole is a gun-toting badass. Okay, so her gun collection doesn’t go past the tattoos on her hips, but the fact that you’re going to fall in love with her is a sure shot. “I started getting tattoos at 16,” she says. “I don’t really brag about that. I was acting out of rebellion … I didn’t want to be cookie-cutter. I wanted to get skulls and guns tattooed around my hips and lean as far to the offensive side as I could.”

When this anything-but-cookie-cutter Native American was young, she always imagined her future self as someone with tattoos. “I used to draw tattoos all over my arms, little stars, and take pictures with my webcam then quickly delete them—what a dork.” These days, she tries to leave the drawing to her artist, and her tattoo collection has broadened a bit. “I’ve got silly matching tattoos with my girlfriends and more serious things like a tribute to my mom, a tribute to my brother who served in the Navy, and a tribute to my hometown, Baltimore. I think it’s important to get tattoos that speak to you, that speak about you. I don’t need tattoos for attention; I think I’ve got that down. I tattooed myself because this is who I am. I was born this way, baby! Well, kind of.”

The Baltimore beauty who invokes Lady Gaga also sees herself on the stage. “I’ve dreamed about being a pop star since I bought my first CD, Mariah Carey’s Daydream. I just love entertaining people. I love making people laugh, inspiring them, motivating. My parents put me in lessons to be an actress, but I just didn’t have a huge passion for acting. I’m pretty sure I got kicked out of the high school play for my outbursts before opening night. And I was the lead! My understudy probably saw it coming. It’s okay—I want to be a pop star, not an actress.”

Will we be hearing the inked-up star belt out some lyrics soon? “I’m currently in the writing-studio process of my debut dance record,” she says. For now, we’ll have to catch Alesandra belting some Britney in her car and assisting pop stars. “I helped Katy Perry into a Denny’s uniform at a breakfast pit-stop on the Warped Tour,” she says. “But we didn’t kiss.”

Agent Provocateur bra and underwear.

Kiki De Montparnasse bra and underwear; Raphael Young heels.

Kiki De Montparnasse bra and underwear; Raphael Young heels.

Kiki De Montparnasse bra and boy shorts.

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