Inked Girl: Betty Lipstick

Fleet body chain; Ruthie Davis heels.
Don’t judge Betty Lipstick based on these pictures; she insists she doesn’t like being the center of attention. “I have always struggled with being in the spotlight. I don’t really enjoy it,” maintains this month’s Inked Girl. She’s adamant that her personality is anything but what her outward appearance dictates.

Betty calls herself an “old-school traditionalist,” a steadfast believer in please and thank you. Her hobbies are similarly retro: She doesn’t watch TV or “subscribe to anything pop culture related” (excluding daily Xbox gaming) and spends her free time listening to records and reading—when she’s not on her motorcycle. “Fixing, repairing, riding them—I love motorcycles. The sun on my back, wind in my face, just my Twin-V, the road, and me. It’s my meditation and medication,” she says. Can’t figure out whether Betty is more of a nice girl or a badass? She tends to have that effect on people, and intentionally so. “I like to contradict every stereotype anyone may have of me,” she explains.

Using her body as a work of art is only one way she shatters perceptions: “I think when I first started getting tattoos they still had a lot of negative connotations, and I wanted to break that idea.” After starting with a quarter sleeve of a Japanese dragon (a representation of newfound freedom), her self-proclaimed addiction grew—and continues to grow. Up next, more birdcages, a signature piece from Greg Rojas of Everlasting Tattoo in San Francisco.

The two places Betty doesn’t plan on inking are her neck and hands, a decision she attributes to her conservative work environment. Currently a full-time business school student (she squeezed in this interview during finals), she toys with the idea of getting her MBA or going to law school. Whatever she does in the future will be done full-throttle. “If you tell me I can’t do something, I will do it and do it well,” she says. In that case, a little motivation: Betty, there’s no way you’ll be the most-inked beauty in the industry.

Maison Close underwear with harness; Marlies Dekkers bra; Fleet bracelets; Raphael Young booties.

Honeydew bra; Maison Close high-waisted thong; CC Skye earrings.

Honeydew bra and underwear; Rack 75 leather string vest; Ruthie Davis heels.

Honeydew bra and underwear; Rack 75 ripped kimono wrap.

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