Inked Girl: Justine Konik

We’re in geek love. This Brooklynite, Justine Konik, may not look like the typical Trekkie—but trust us, she’s well versed in all things Captain Kirk–related. And while she dreams of being at Comic-Con or in deep space, the enterprise of this self-proclaimed “barista extraordinaire” is a coffee shop.

Rivaling her devotion to sci-fi is her coffee-nerdiness. “I can’t help nerding out on espresso and home brewing in my free time,” she says. And she is discerning, calling Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks “the McDonald’s and Applebee’s of coffee,” and imbibing well-made cappuccinos and high-quality espresso instead. How far will she go for some good joe? Well, there are plenty of places in her borough, but being an avid traveler (she spent most of last year wandering through India and Nepal) Konik also makes it a point to taste international brews during her trips.

Konik’s ideal day would involve both coffee and a little Star Trek: “You can’t go wrong with coffee and some DS9.” That’s Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in case you aren’t in the know. And there are many who aren’t, as it’s her Trekkie-inspired ink—the Trill spots on her face and head—that elicit the most questions. “I have moments when I wish I didn’t have those even though I love them,” she says. “Most people can’t grasp the idea of a Star Trek tattoo, or they think it’s leopard print, so I end up explaining it a lot. It’s the explanations I don’t care for.”

Still, she plans on adding to her collection of ink with more spots on the bottom of her feet. And while her personal favorites are the pieces on her thighs, the senior set is more drawn to her colorful sleeve, created by Portland artist Brian Wilson. “Old ladies love my arm! They say it’s like watercolors,” she explains. Finally we have a nerdy Inked Girl you can bring home to your grandmother.

The Lake & Stars romper; Ruby Kobo necklaces and bracelet; Shashi gold wrap bracelet.

Enza Costa cardigan; Ruby Kobo necklaces.

VPL underwear; The Lake & Stars bra; Shashi gold wrap bracelet; Ruby Kobo bracelet.

VPL bikini

Helmut Lang top; La Fée Verte boy shorts.

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