Inked Girl: Laydi Marie

Snooki and Laydi Marie have one thing in common. “I love pickles! I love pickles more than anyone. Just like wine tasting, I go pickle tasting,” Laydi says. “The only way into this woman’s heart is showing me a pickle—but only if it’s kosher. … Wait, that came out wrong.” And with that recognition of her faux pas, Laydi Marie demonstrates where the similarities between her and the Jersey Shore star end.

Instead of tanning and laundry, Laydi spends her time snowboarding and collecting knickknacks. She pays the bills by being a makeup artist. “Photographers kept telling me I should model and I kept denying it,” she says. “I’m kind of shy, but I’ve started to face the music and roll with the punches.” Thankfully.

Along with pickles Laydi is into simians. “I am completely fascinated by monkeys,” she says. “I even have a monkey toilet-bowl scrubber!” And while some of her tattoos actually depict monkeys—including an angry monkey in motion spilling fruit down her upper thigh—Laydi takes her ink pretty seriously. She even pushed back her INKED interview so she could finish up her tattoo (hey, a girl who reschedules because she’s getting an Oliver Peck sugar-skull tattoo is our kind of girl). “I have quite a few tattoos from Oliver,” Laydi says. “He has a traditional style of tattooing that I admire, with influences from Owen Jensen and Sailor Jerry. I think every new tattoo I get is my favorite until the next one comes along.”

Laydi’s love of body art started when she was 18 and a close friend dragged her along for his tattoo appointment. “After watching him get tattooed, I was hooked,” she says. “I decided right then to get my first tattoos: hearts and crossbones on my wrists.” And as far as ink goes, this Laydi likes to keep it in the family. “I took my mom to get her first tattoo; it’s my dad’s name on her ankle. My dad has a traditional dove on his chest with my mom’s name in a banner, and he wants to get more with me,” Laydi explains. “They’re pretty cool—my mom tells me I wouldn’t be me without them.” Mother really does know best.

3.1 Phillip Lim trench coat; Maison Close corset bra and thong; Trash and Vaudeville pumps.

American Apparel customized bodysuit; Swarovski ring; LaCrasia gloves.

Maison Close skirt, corset bra, and thong; Swarovski ring; stylist’s thigh highs.

American Apparel customized bodysuit; Swarovski ring; LaCrasia gloves; Trash and Vaudeville pumps; stylist’s thigh highs.

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