Inked Girl: Meredith Devine

The Lake & Stars charcoal gray romper; Shashi stacked bracelets. Now, here’s an argument against the Atkins diet: Nothing makes this Meredith Devine happier than a carb-loaded breakfast. Whether it’s peanut butter banana French toast with a side of home fries or a New York bagel, Devine starts her day off strong. And never one to sit at the table in sweatpants with her hair pulled back, she’s a sweet breakfast date.

“I always like to be well dressed and have my hair and makeup done,” she says. “It makes me feel good.” This affinity for fashion and beauty inform both her current gig in fashion and her upcoming plans; she’s about to start classes at the Make-Up Designory school to study cinema makeup, with her ultimate goal being a job where she can work on movie sets and the runway and travel the world. Waffles in Belgium, croissants in France, danish in Denmark.…

In fact, it was during a trip to Denmark that she got her first ink: “I was an exchange student and thought it would be a good place to get a first tattoo; it just had to be hidden and relevant. My Danish friends were excited by my reaction to the freedom I suddenly had being away from my parents, so I got the word ‘Freedom’ tattooed across my ass.”

Despite the negative response from some relatives, Devine keeps adding to her growing collection. “I want people to realize that tattoos aren’t ‘low-class and white trash’—they are expressions of your personality and creativity,” she explains. The appointment for her next piece—a tattooed girl in a bathing suit symbolic of Devine’s love of swimming—is already booked. Her good friend Mina Aoki of Daredevil on Manhattan’s Lower East Side will do that one, just as she did the Native American girl on Devine’s arm that represents her Cherokee heritage.

When Meredith does start becoming a world traveler, she also hopes to collect tattoos in the exotic locales she visits. “I want to make it a tradition to get tattooed everywhere I travel. Hopefully the next place I go will be Fiji or New Zealand.” Wonder if the Fijians have a good local carbohydrate breakfast?

VPL shimmer bikini in rust; vintage denim vest; Shashi stacked bracelets.

Levi’s cutoff denim shorts; Shashi stacked bracelets.

The Lake & Stars charcoal gray romper.

La Fée Verte black chiffon boy shorts and bra; VPL silver cardigan sweater; vintage crown necklace; See glasses.

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