Inked Girl: Natalie Jean

Massa Culture top and underwear; Created by Fortune bracelet; Dolce Vita shoes.

Ballet is brutal. Just ask Natalie Jean. This Jane of all trades has been dancing since she was young, starting with ballet and graduating into modern dance, tap, and now break dancing. Under the tutelage of noted choreographer Monica Ryan, she learned early on how to express her creative spirit, and as an adult she has channeled that into other performing arts, namely modeling, acting, and, most recently, stunt work. “I love the adrenaline,” she says about her new daredevil job. “I think it’s because of ballet. Being a dancer is really hard. You beat the shit out of yourself on a regular basis.”

Not long ago, she was discovered by stunt coordinator Douglas Crosby (The Wrestler, American Gangster), and though she’s doing things that she describes as “on the lower level of cool,” she’s working her way up to doing scenes in which she’ll leap off a building or be thrown under a bus. The ink she has is just more proof that this beauty is tough. Her first piece—a large pair of pointe shoes on her biceps—was done by Shakey, formerly of Jester’s Court Tattoos, where she was a shop assistant. On her hips are two daggers—one piercing a human heart, the other piercing a rose—and the piece on her left side was completed in one marathon six-hour sitting.

But she’s also got a softer, nostalgic side, as reflected in the Pittsburgh tribute tattoos she shares with friends. “Some of my tattoos are really silly. I like them to be nicely done, but it’s all about your life. It’s a little map, a little story of everything you’ve gone through.” These days, she’s happy helping out her Pennsylvania buddy Bam Margera with some scenes for the upcoming Jackass 3D and getting to work on Crosby’s directorial debut. Maybe that will feature some awesome under-the-bus stunt action.

Massa Culture sleeve; H&M underwear.

H&M top; Massa Culture underwear; Created by Fortune bracelet; Dolce Vita shoes.

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