Inked Girl: Rio Lund

Eres bodysuit; Qupid heels; Ben-Amun bracelets.


Inked Girl: Rio Lund

There’s a lot to Rio Lund you might not pick up at first glance. “I have a bunch of hobbies I like to dabble in,” she says. “Surfing, gardening, learning how to break-dance, boxing, yoga, painting, fire dancing—” Wait, fire dancing? “You’ve never seen fire dancing?” Rio asks. “It involves poi balls, staffs, hula hoops … all these things on fire—and of course some fire breathing and swallowing.” As if she weren’t hot enough already.

“I’m also into knife throwing,” she continues. “I was asked to do a job for the Discovery Channel where I was supposed to be the assistant that gets the knives thrown at her. I didn’t volunteer because I didn’t want to be the avoided target.”

The Los Angeles native doesn’t stop her activity list there. She’s also a model and tattoo artist at Young Guns, in Hollywood. “Being a tattoo artist you notice imperfections, and being a model I only want the best work on me,” she says. “I got the majority of my work when I was younger, but nowadays the quality of tattoos is a lot better. I actually have a lot of tattoos I am removing because I want better ones.” The fire-dancing femme fatale will, however, keep the one closest to her heart—a portrait of her mentor Lou Bone on the inside of her arm. “I know he is always looking over the tattoos that I create, especially since he’s on the arm I tattoo with,” Rio says of the piece.

As for future ink, Rio prefers to keep it a mystery. “I find that you can’t be too careful because there are way too many people who tend not to come up with their own original ideas and end up copying everybody else’s tattoos,” she say. “So my future tattoos remain a mystery for now. Plus, I’ve got to keep you guys wanting more, right?” Absolutely.

Lost Art leather shorts; Glynneth B necklace; gloves courtesy of PRB Los Angeles.


Lost Art leather corset; Glynneth B earrings; Walter Steiger boots.


Mara Hoffman vest; Cosabella underwear; Walter Steiger boots.

Jeremy Scott boots; Victoria’s Secret bikini bottoms; Ben-Amun jewelry.


Cosabella corset; Jeremy Scott boots; Victoria’s Secret bikini bottoms; Ben-Amun jewelry.


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