Inked Girl: Samantha Humphreys

If you’re not down to work hard and play hard, then Samantha Humphreys can’t be bothered. “That’s just the way I’ve always lived my life,” says the 26-year-old Los Angeles–based graphic designer who has recently broken into the movie industry. “It’s always been about pouring myself into something, like a film project, for, like, four months or so, and then being able to balance it with something fun,” she explains.

Most recently, Humphreys has been working in the art department on the movie Spider-Man 4. And as soon as the project wraps up, she’ll be back to playing hard. “It’s funny, though, because when I say play hard, people usually go right to partying and alcohol and shit,” she says, trailing off to a giggle. “But I’m actually completely sober. I don’t drink or do drugs or anything like that.” Instead, during her off months Humphreys can be found under the needle of artists and friends such as Nick Baxter and Nathan Kostechko at Coil Tattoo Gallery in L.A. and Tim Kern at Tribulation Tattoo in NYC.

“Oh, I couldn’t tell you how many tattoos I have,” she says. “Because how can you really count them? Like, is a sleeve just one or all the parts?”

However you count them, there’s one by Kostechko on her left shoulder that leads into a family-themed sleeve, inspired not only by her dedication to art, but also by her time in India studying Hinduism. The slender, four-armed body of Saraswati, goddess of creativity, stands with two heads.

“One head is mine,” Humphreys says, “and the other is my sister’s. It’s great because we’re so alike, yet so different. She doesn’t have a single tattoo.”

MM Couture leather vest; Victoria’s Secret underwear; stylist’s own boots. Page 55: H&M suspenders; Victoria’s Secret underwear; stylist’s own hat.

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