Inked Girl: Sarah Miller

René Rofé boy shorts; The Blonds shoes.

Everything about Sarah Miller adds up. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and challenge this 32-year-old engineering student on her multiplication skills. Heck, Miller will even double dare ya.

“I am not a submissive-type person, and I don’t ever want to be,” says Miller, who in fact has the words “Double Dare Ya” tattooed across her ribs. (It’s an homage to her favorite band, Bikini Kill.) “I feel that it’s a really strong thing to do as a woman, to enter a male-dominated field. That’s one of the reasons I chose to go the math route.”

Then again, Miller isn’t the type of girl who worries about impressing anyone with her choices. “People I knew didn’t expect me to ever be covered in tattoos, but I didn’t care whether they approved or not,” says the Syracuse, NY, native. “I like to look pretty, but that has never stopped me from being who I am.”
And it’s obvious Miller’s tattoos are a big part of who she is. Being a fan of traditional tattoos that highlight solid-line work, she frequents King Ron at Halo Tattoo in Syracuse, who inked her “Double Dare Ya” piece.
Miller has never hesitated when the urge to get tattooed arises. It’s just always felt right to her, but she admits there are pluses to resisting that urge. “I think the negative space is attractive,” she says. “Especially at this point, since I have so many tattoos.”

American Apparel tank top; René Rofé boy shorts; Puma sneakers; Jimmy Choo sunglasses

Hue tights; Christian Louboutin shoes; Balenciaga sunglasses.

American Apparel top and shorts.

American Apparel top; Calvin Klein boy shorts.

Topshop shorts.

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