Inked Guy: Jonathan Kroppmann

Topman shirt, Sourpuss Clothing suspenders

Where are you located? Long Island, New York

What do you do outside of modeling? I am a singer/songwriter. You can find my work under my name on Facebook or Bandcamp.

What was your first tattoo? It is covered up on my arm. It was a nickname my grandfather gave me.

What is your most meaningful tattoo and why? I cant really choose they are all special to me. I can watch myself grow up; different landmarks for different parts of my life. One that I really believe in is on my neck “Love is a God.” If there is anything that can control your life it is love. Doesnt matter who or what you are. I find that beautiful.

You have a lot of backwards tattoos, is there any reason you did this – other than being able to read them yourself in the mirror? Precisely that, they are on there for me, no one else.

What do they say? I have “Dont tiptoe” backwards on my voice box. I have always struggled with social anxiety and being a musician has always been difficult especially playing live. It is just a reminder to be honest and straight forward. Believe in what you say.

What is your next tattoo going to be? A picture of my brother and I when we were little on my knee. We are
at the beach in winter and I am looking up at him while he makes me laugh. He moved away last year and I really miss him. Also some of my song lyrics scattered here and there.

Topman jeans, Matthew Ryan Cohn rings

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