Inked On The Street: Benny Thomson


SUBJECT: Benny Thomson

SPOTTED: Irving Plaza, New York

WHERE HE GETS INKED: Eight of Swords Tattoo, located in Brooklyn. “They have so many killer artists there, and Dave [Wallin] did my calves.” Thomson’s right leg has a saucy damsel with a roaring ’20s look to her. “She’s in black ink with powerful blue and green specimens of the insect kingdom crawling around her,” he says. On his left calf, there’s an eerie gentleman with tentacles protruding from his coat. “I see the two pieces as representative of wanting what you can’t have, in a way. They’re from two different worlds and he’s looking at her, but she’s looking away,” explains Thomson. “Girls, man…”

WHAT HE’S WEARING: The Cast leather vest ($875); The Cast studded bracelet ($12),

BRAND BACKSTORY: When you walk through the doors of The Cast in New York City’s Lower East Side, you can hear the echoes of Iggy Pop, The Ramones, and Patti Smith. It’s almost as if their punk spirits escaped CBGB when it closed its doors and found a new home at this shop, which sells a private label of clothing featuring everything for the rocker or punkette in need, from biker hats and jackets to vests and concho bootstraps.

WHAT ELSE HE’S WEARING: WeSC skinny jeans; Red Fang T-shirt; Dr. Martens boots; Oakley sunglasses; Benny’s own bracelets and necklace.

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