Jenny Yukich-Gardenhire

Jenny Yukich-Gardenhire

The Legends Football League may not have as much ink as the NFL, but this member of the Las Vegas Sin keeps things colorful.

Football is still months away, right? Wrong. The women of the Legends Football League (formerly known as the Lingerie Football League) are currently careening into each other for our amusement. And the top pick on our fantasy team is number 15 on the Las Vegas Sin, Jenny Yukich-Gardenhire (a.k.a. Dollface), who tears up the turf and has as much ink as her counterparts in the NFL.

Raised in Wichita, KS, Yukich-Gardenhire is a longtime model and athlete who got her start with the LFL in 2009, playing for the Denver Dream. This season marks her second playing for the Sin at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.

Here’s the gist of LFL: It’s a seven-on-seven, full-contact football league. The ladies play on a field that’s 30 by 50 yards. There are no field goals, so the game’s a fast-paced, nonstop 40 minutes, with each team going for as many touchdowns as possible. Oh, and instead of wearing uniforms that pad their hard bodies, the girls are in lingerie—which, tantalizing as it is, can lead to busted coverage.

“Every once in a while my bra top will get snatched over to the side, but I’ve never gotten it actually ripped off of me,” Yukich-Gardenhire says. “I don’t remember my bottoms ever getting pulled off, mostly because I’m not an offensive player, so I’m doing the tackling.”

You might imagine that a locker room full of girls in lingerie would turn into a catfight complete with feather pillows and a Jell-O wrestling ring, but Yukich-Gardenhire says that’s not the case: “We really don’t fight with each other. Sure, when we’re on the field, we fight hard and we play hard, but when we’re off the field, we’re all pretty good friends.”

If you’re not already in love with Dollface, you should probably know that her favorite things to do—besides playing football—are gaming (Halo, specifically) and getting tattooed. She’s currently rocking a Day of the Dead tattoo done by Duncan Macormac at Victory Tattoo, and a voodoo doll, “monster cupcake,” teddy bear, and infinity sign from Tony Arias of Hart & Huntington.

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