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ROGER MATTHEWS: What do you think is going to be different between Snooki & Jwoww [currently airing
Thursdays 10 p.m. on MTV] and Jersey Shore?

JENNI FARLEY: I’d say it’s basically me and Nicole [Snooki] on the Jersey Shore, but the new show is more like the deleted scenes of Jersey Shore. Because there are seven of us on Jersey Shore, MTV doesn’t have time to show all of our antics, so they wanted to give Nicole and I a show in Jersey City. And there’ll be more of you and I, Roger.

MATTHEWS: I’m ratings gold. Do you think this show will show you in a different light than the Jersey Shore?

FARLEY: Not necessarily a different light, but you’ll see me in more real-world situations. When we are at the shore, in Seaside, it’s like a vacation where you put everything aside and have a blast. But in Jersey City we had to balance fun with our life. Even though everything was filmed, it was more like how we are when the cameras are off. I mean, instead of the biggest responsibility being working at the T-shirt store, Snooki became pregnant.

MATTHEWS: Did you feel more stressed during the filming?

FARLEY: I think it was more relaxing than Jersey Shore because I didn’t have to deal with six other people. If I got annoyed it was only with one other person—well, and you.

MATTHEWS: But you love me. Remember when we first met?

FARLEY: I saw a tall, big juicehead with tattoos at Karma during season one [of Jersey Shore] and there was an initial attraction.

MATTHEWS: Then I walked you and Nicole back to the house and we were throwing cheese balls at each other.

FARLEY: Those things were hard, dude.

MATTHEWS: But you were instantly attracted to this hot, tough guy.

FARLEY: Yes, I like guys who look like hard-asses. I once went against the grain when I dated my last ex-boyfriend, who was a pipsqueak.

MATTHEWS: I refer to that as your garden gnome phase.

FARLEY: Eww. There are stereotypes about guys with tattoos, but you are a pretty good guy.

MATTHEWS: For me, growing up, you’d see people with tattoos who were bad boys, so you always want tattoos. But I feel like the first couple of tattoos
you get you pick off the wall. You pick something
stupid. It takes a little bit of time to figure out who you are and what you like as far as art.

FARLEY: I agree. And as an art student, I like how people express art on their bodies.

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MATTHEWS: Let’s talk about your tattoo art.

FARLEY: My dragon and tiger were both designed by my college advisor, Jon Squid. He was an art student but he’s also been tattooing for 10 years. He’s at Twin Moon Tattoo in Queens, New York. The dragon is something I have wanted since I was a kid. I drew one when I was 12 or 13, showed my dad, and told him that I wanted it tattooed on me. He told me to wait 10 years. Growing up I was always doodling dragons, and I waited until I was 21 to get the dragon. Then I wanted something on the other side of my body to complement the dragon, and Squid told me that the dragon and tiger symbolize good versus evil, like a yin and yang.

MATTHEWS: Did you put the tiger on your right to balance out the dragon?

FARLEY: Yes, and placement for me is big because I want to be able to show my tattoos off when I want to, and I want to be able to cover them when I don’t want to show them.

MATTHEWS: I pretty much don’t have a choice—I’m covered.

FARLEY: But the sexiest place for a guy to have tattoos
are on his arms, especially if you have really built arms.

MATTHEWS: Yeah, guys with big arms are very sexy.

FARLEY: Where do you think tattoos look best on a girl?

MATTHEWS: I’m not a big fan of the tramp stamp. I like where yours are, and I also think tattoos on the back of the neck are pretty sexy.

FARLEY: I think a tattoo of my name would look good on you.

MATTHEWS: [Laughs.] Remember when you tried to get me during the taping of Snooki & Jwoww?

FARLEY: Relax, I’m kidding. We just had a huge fight and I was just trying to push your buttons. You know I wasn’t serious because I asked you to get it in a nightclub where they had tattooing, and I’d never cheat on my tattoo guy.

MATTHEWS: The only way that I’d put your name on me is when we get married; I might put it under the wedding band. What compels you to get a new tattoo?

FARLEY: I get them during big events in my life, like when I got my grandparents’ names. So I could see me getting a ring tattoo. Or if I ever have kids, putting
their names on me. You have like 150, 200 tattoos—all I have to do is look at you differently and you’ll run out and get tattooed.

MATTHEWS: The reason I get them is because I have blank skin! But your kids’ names? Now that Nicole is pregnant…

FARLEY: Don’t even go there.

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