Kadillac Tattoo

Kadillac Tattoo
Established: 1995
Artists: Cosmo, Drew Rash, Erica Barfield, Matt Runks“First and foremost, we’re a neighborhood shop,” declares Cosmo, the owner of 13-year-old Kadillac Tattoo. “This ain’t no hipster hangout.” Located in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia, this clean, bright shop prides itself on being a mainstay of a neighborhood that has struggled to stay true to its blue-collar history, despite the chic shops and restaurants that have popped up. They’re obviously succeeding: “We’re now tattooing some of the kids of our original customers,” says Drew Rash, one of Kadillac’s artists.

Anything goes at Kadillac, which is also home to artist Matt Runks and fine-line expert Erica Barfield. “We’re in the business of getting along,” says punk legend Cosmo, who was a big part of the local music scene in the early ’80s and was featured in the documentary American Hardcore. “We’re all just a bunch of ornery old people trying to have a good time.”
Eat: Machismo Burrito Bar, 4330 Main St., 215-508-3333. Stuff yourself with a monster burrito at this small, vegan-friendly restaurant, where everything is made-to-order with fresh, local ingredients. If you love spicy, make sure to add the aptly named Deathwish and Pyromania hot sauces to your already flavorful meal.

Drink: La Colombe, 4360 Main St., 215-483-4580. Grab a cup of premium-roast coffee at this European café, home of the best latte in town. Indoor and outdoor seating makes this spot a perfect place to watch the people strolling along busy Main Street.

Spend: Benjamin Lovell Shoes, 4305 Main St., 215-487-3747. Spend your cash on a pair of steel-toe Blundstone work boots or slick Donald J Pliner gator lace-ups at this shoe shop where the focus is on comfort.

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