Kim-Anh Nguyen

Geneva, Switzerland
Jolie Rouge Tattoo, 364 Caledonian Rd., London, U.K.

“Your art will be carried on for a lifetime by someone who has ideas, feelings, moods,” says tattoo artist Kim-Anh Nguyen. The neo-traditional artist spends her time traveling and tattooing between Switzerland and England. “Switzerland is still a very conservative scene that’s not into tattoos,” she says. “The Swiss, they ask me for the same tattoos. But people in London and clients from America are more open and excited about the range of tattooing.” Because she bounces around, Nguyen’s horizons have been broadened. “Traveling and discovering new places makes you want to grow as an artist,” she explains. “When I travel I always try to visit places and people I’m passionate about to feed my craft.” When the magical journey ends, Nguyen aims to etch “Cheers to the living, salute the dead!” on her gravestone.

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