Kreayshawn: Q & A

With the release of her debut album “Somethin’ Bout Kreay” set for September 18, Kreayshawn has been a busy girl. Featuring collaborations with everyone from Kid Cudi to Diplo “Somethin’ Bout Kreay” has fans waiting on the edge of their seats. The 22-year-old “Gucci, Gucci” rapper from Oakland, CA is also gearing up to go an an all female tour this Fall making stops in what she hopes to be every city in America. Inked got a chance to sit down with Kreay and talk about her upcoming tour, album and of course her ink.

Inked: Tell me about your new album “Somethin’ Bout Kreay.” What are the themes?
Kreayshawn: My theme is called Magical Rainbow of Music. It’s basically every song has a really different inspiration behind it musically. Every song sounds really different and exciting.

Inked: What’s your favorite track on the album?
Kreayshawn: I don’t know. I like every one for different reasons. I listen to so many different styles of music that I wanted every style of music on the album, so I think I just like the whole entire album as one while song.

Inked: How is this album different from your mixtape?
Kreayshawn: I would say that it’s different because it’s my first album. It’s different because I freestyles the whole mixtape and this one is more thought out, it makes a lot more sense then my past stuff because I had to sit down and think about what I wanted.

Inked: What is your favorite feature? Who do you think has the best feature?
Kreayshawn: Kid Cudi.

Inked: What inspires your music?
Kreayshawn: I don’t know. Probably just being a fan of other music and like listen to music so much.

Inked: Do you have any tattoos that symbolize your career?
Kreayshawn: I kind of just got one that might symbolize my career, but it’s more of like me and how I’ve grown up during the whole process. I got this alien chick on my hand, smoking a blunt in the ocean, that kind of is like me.

Inked: Why is she in the ocean? Why isn’t she in space?
Kreayshawn: She’s in the ocean because she brings a lot of calmness to the world and it’s basically like this alien chick came to the world and now she’s smoking a blunt chillin’.

Inked: Which of your tattoos has the most meaning for you? Other than the alien
Kreayshawn: I think my first tattoo means a lot to me, because it’s more the action of getting a tattoo. I got my first tattoo of the ice cream cone on my neck and I think that was the real moment of where can you go from there, once you get your first tattoo on your neck people tend to look at you like fail at life and I was like I’m gonna be a rapper.

Inked: Since you’ve come out with “Gucci, Gucci,” you’ve gotten quite a few more tattoos. Was there a reason for the increase, or were you just like, “I’m out now, so I’m going to be fucking tatted”?
Kreayshawn: Dude. I’ve not been getting tatted since I’ve got popping. It’s hard, because I never I have time. Like literally, I used to get tattooed like once every 2 months. I’ve probably done like 2 this year. If that, maybe, I don’t know I can’t count. I don’t care about my body. I’ll just tattoo it up.

Inked: How many tattoos do you want to get?
Kreayshawn: I want to be hella covered, like all the way covered.

Inked: What do you think about face tattoos?
Kreayshawn: I want one, but nobody will let me. I just need that 1 friend who’s like, “Do it, do it, Kreayshawb, do it,” and I’ll be totally unbalanced and I’ll do it. But everyone is like, “don’t do it, you’ll ruin your face.”

Inked: What would you get if/when you get a face tattoo?
Kreayshawn: I probably would get something symbolic. Not a piece sign, but something to that effect. Something small and has meaning.

Inked: You could get a unicorn horn. Those are like good luck.
Kreayshawn: Yeah.

Inked: Who do you get tatted by? Do you have one specific artist or do you go to whosever’s there?
Kreayshawn: I’m trying to find that one artist. But I have different people I go to for different things. I have a homie who’s like a graffiti artist/ tattoo artist, and he’s really dope just straight black ink and graffiti-type stuff and cartoon type stuff, and that’s more of the type of shit i’m into, so I usually go to him. I have this guy who does my other tattoos, but he won’t finish any of them, so I’m not going to shout him out, because I have all these really unfinished tattoos on my ribcage and shit that he won’t finish.

Inked: Why won’t he finish them?
Kreayshawn: You know how tattoo artists are. Literally all tattoo artists fall in love with some chick and get married and have kids and run away and tat their wives up forever. That’s what he’s doing. That’s cool. That’s chill, but I swear to god, all tattoo artists always have a wifey and tat them up.

Inked: While you’re left untatted.
Kreayshawn: Yeah, I’m trying to be that wifey.

Inked: So what’s your best tattoo story? It could be funny, gross, whatever.
Kreayshawn: My best tattoo story? I got a lot of my tattoos when I was like 16, so I have really random crap. My best tattoo story would be I got this girl’s name tattooed on me and this is like when I’m underaged. We got into this huge fight because everybody at school was like, “You’re Delilah’s bitch.” And I’m like, “I’m not her bitch! Just because I got her name? We’re best friends.” And that’s why they don’t tattoo people underaged, because you’re going to tattoo your best friend’s name like a dork. Then we ended up getting in a huge fight and I had to cover the tattoo within one week of getting the tattoo before it even healed. And the tattoo shop did it anyway, even though it was still healing, and now it’s just a huge mess of ink on my arm.

Inked: That’s a good story.
Kreayshawn: I learned my lesson.

Inked: Now you can get dog names or iguana names.
Kreayshawn: I’m totally getting a portrait of my cats soon. I hope they don’t break up with me.

Inked: You should google–who’s that guy we did–the cat whisperer? He has a hella lot of cat tattoos on him–like cat portraits. It’s cool when you get one, but more than one, and it’s like, okay you need to check yourself. Because he had five cat portraits on him.

Inked: What kind of tattoos do you like to see on other people?
Kreayshawn: I don’t know. I like seeing all kinds of shit. For some reason, I like really cool stick and poke types of tattoos, the ones that look like somebody got really drunk and let their friends tat on them. They’re like art. They’re really aesthetically pleasing. I like to see face tattoos on people because I get to be like, “face tattoo. I don’t have one, but you do.”

Inked: What’s the most attractive place for a boy or girl to get a tattoo?
Kreayshawn: I like tattoos on the chest, like right on the chest. Or really sexy arm tattoos. I’m not opposed to the tribal tattoo, only if your family is part of some kind of indigenous type of thing. But tribal tattoos can be really hot on the right guy. I think it’s really sexy when girls have little tattoos around their belly buttons of a sun. They’re hot. They have to come back, that’s the best tattoo ever.

Inked: Well that’s new. That’s cool… Are you going on tour anytime soon?
Kreayshawn: Yeah, I’m going on tour, it’s an all-girl tour and it’s called Group Hug tour. It’s me, Rye Rye, Honey Cocaine and Chippy Nonstop. All girls.

Inked: When does that start?
Kreayshawn: November 1.

Inked: Are you just going to the major cities?
Kreayshawn: We’re going fucking everywhere. Literally within 4 hours of every city in America probably.

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