Electro-pop princesses Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf (Krewella) celebrate on rooftop. Photographer: Anjelica Jardiel


The electro-pop princesses Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf share DNA and tattoos with each other and their producer, Rain Man.

The eighth day of June in the year 2010 is a significant date in the life of Krewella singers Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf. For this was the day the sisters decided to quit school and dedicate their lives to music. To prove their commitment, the siblings had 6.8.10 tattooed on their necks. “Yasmine and I got the date tattoos together on my birthday,” says Jahan. “Getting them meant there was no turning back.”

And there was no looking back either. Since then Jahan and Yasmine, along with bandmate and producer Kris “Rain Man” Trindl, have relocated to Los Angeles from their native Chicago, collaborated with idols Patrick Stump and Travis Barker, and embarked on their first-ever headline tour. Bus included. “It’s amazing!” laughs Jahan. “You don’t have to wake up early. You go to sleep in one city and you wake up in another.”

But Jahan assures us that living the tour bus dream won’t affect the group’s close relationship with The Krew (Krewella’s affectionate nickname for their fans). “We feel like they’re our friends and family,” she says. “After every single show we always go and hang out and take photos or shake hands. I think it’s really important to give fans something back, no matter how big you get.”

The fans have done their fair share of giving back too. Two of the three band members have tattoos that were designed by a member of The Krew. Rain Man’s 6.8.10 piece was the result of a Tweet asking his followers for potential designs. The outcome was the date in Gothic Roman numerals inked on his right biceps. Yasmine, meanwhile, has a half-dead Kurt Cobain on her right forearm that was composed by a fan too young to get into a Krewella concert. “She waited outside to give us a portrait she’d done of us,” says Jahan. “It was so good that Yasmine asked her to design a Kurt Cobain tattoo for her arm.”

The group’s debut album, Get Wet, is a bombastic 12-track romp of electronic music currently filling dance floors globally. And it’s the dance floor that’s responsible for what Jahan considers to be her weirdest tattoo. “On my forearm I have ‘Life is a Dance Floor,’” she says. “Rain Man teases me about it. I guess it is kinda cheesy, but sometimes the cheesy phrases are the most meaningful.”

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