Mark Mahoney’s Shamrock Social Slub

Mark Mahoney
LOS ANGELES, CA 90069-1819
Established: 2002
Artists: Mark Mahoney, Danny Romo, Andrew Farnsley, Freddy Negrete, Colin LaRocque, Mike Roche, Wade, East, Isiah Negrete, Ben Corn, and Rick Walters
“People come by the store all the time just to play pool,” laughs Shamrock manager Cody McCarthy. “That’s why it’s called the ‘Social Club.’” While the shop has famously tattooed celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Bruce Willis, its real claim is being the place to go for black and gray work. “When you talk about black and gray, there are four names that are mentioned the most,” McCarthy explains. “And two of them work here.” While the shop has famously tattooed celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Bruce Willis, it also caters to bikers and ‘second-generation’ clients. “It’s funny,” he muses. “A lot of the time kids will come to Mark because their Dad got a piece from him years ago.” With three floors, a pool table, and couches, this big, gregarious shop marks the spot where the underworld and the elite meet. “Our goal,” McCarthy says, “is to make every celebrity feel like a regular person and every regular person feel like a celebrity.”
Eat: Rainbow Bar and Grill, 9015 Sunset Blvd., 310-278-4232. Dust off the leather pants in your closet and relive the glory days of rock and roll while dining on classic bar fare at this spot right down the street from the Shamrock. Be on the lookout for Ron Jeremy; he’s been spotted here on several occasions.

Drink: Whiskey A Go Go, 8901 Sunset Blvd., 310-652-4202. The Rainbow Bar and Grill not loud enough for you? Head down this street and celebrate your new ink at this live-music venue at the same time.

Spend: Book Soup, 8818 Sunset Blvd., 310-659-3110. Filled floor to ceiling with hard-to-find folio, and carrying a huge selection of art and photography books, this shop might have something that inspires your next piece.

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