Max Payne 3

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

The years have not been kind to Max Payne. Since we last saw the troubled detective, he’s left the NYPD, drowned himself in the bottle, put on a few pounds, lost some hair, and ended up working a private security gig for a tycoon in São Paulo, Brazil. When a paramilitary gang kidnaps his boss’s wife, Max dusts off his rusty shooting skills and returns to his old gunslinging ways. The first game in the series developed directly by Grand Theft Auto creators Rockstar Games, this third-person shooter delivers the full Hollywood package, with stellar voice acting, gorgeous cut-scenes, and shootout sequences that would make Brett Ratner jealous. In the new Gang Wars mode, your mission evolves dynamically as momentum shifts between the teams, and cut-scenes fill you in on your new objectives.

Play If You Like: City of God, Grand Theft Auto, The Transporter

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