Metal Sanaz

Chances are you’re already friends with Metal Sanaz. Since launching her MySpace page in 2003, Sanaz has become a fixture on the friend lists of over 700,000 fans around the world who have helped her rack up more than two million video views for her online metal show. That fan base helped earn Sanaz a spot as the official host of MySpace: A Place for Metal, and lead to her work with Dave Navarro on a weekly radio show called Spread Radio, which can be found on SyncLive twice monthly. “There was never a goal of having it turn into what it has,” says Sanaz. “I just started finding little bands, contacting them, and telling people about it. The reasoning behind that was my love for metal music and nothing more.”
Originally from Iran, Sanaz now lives in Los Angeles, where she worked as a waitress and painted in her free time before becoming a metal queen. “MySpace was an amazing tool for me to use to find new talent. One thing that will never change is the fact that I am a fan. The support of friends and bands on MySpace is the reason I gained popularity, and they have all been there for me through my ups and downs.”

Those ups and downs are also part of the story behind her tattoos. “My first tattoo was done in Venice Beach, CA. It was a tiny skull with tribal around it, and after a broken relationship I had it covered with my own design—an empty heart with two dragons, representing protection.” The piece is an ongoing project, and there have been two further additions. “After a few years, I added a few of the cracks thanks to a great artist named Grey. The last of the cracks were done in Missouri by an artist named Rev. Timmy.” Many people spend years covering their entire bodies, but not Sanaz. “The tattoo on my arm is my logo, so it means a lot to me.”
These days, Sanaz is finding new ways to use the Web to reach out to bands and headbangers around the world. “We’re planning world tours and working on new technology that will help bands sell their merchandise, tickets, and more. We’re also partnering with a few amazing companies, and I am coming out with my own music players, creating a new way of promoting metal and helping the bands involved. After all, it’s all about the heavy fuckin’ metal, baby!”

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