To roll with the DGAF Crew, you need to live by the abbreviation: Don’t Give a Fuck.

Sisters Melissa and Allison Green of the electro-pop duo Millionaires decided to name their dedicated fan base—a mixed audience united by a love of Millionaires’ catchy beats and in-your-face, party-themed lyrics—the DGAF (Don’t Give a Fuck) Crew. Whether you party hard enough to give these girls a lesson in the subject or abstain from drugs and alcohol altogether, you’re welcomed into the DGAF Crew with open arms—if you have the one requirement, that you own who you are. Haters need not attend meetings.

Before they had a fan base big enough to earn its own name, Millionaires began as a fun project between the sisters, when Melissa was in college and Allison was just about out of high school. “It all started when Melissa was going to a party and I couldn’t go,” says Allison. “I wanted to go with her but had school the next day. So I stayed home and wrote a random party song instead, which was our first song, ‘Alcohol.’”

After recording some music using GarageBand, Melissa and Allison uploaded the songs to MySpace and got immediate results. Some loved it, some hated it—few were in between. The only thing that was certain: They were getting attention. “If you’re doing something wrong, people aren’t going to notice you. Anytime you do something right, you’ll have haters,” says Melissa. “We love attention, which is also part of why we dress the way we do. We like making things crazy.”



But don’t let the big bows and fake nails fool you; this duo is handy. From creating their own merch with their graphic design skills to booking and organizing their own tours, Millionaires has been a DIY project from the start. Melissa even does her own tattooing, having gotten an apprenticeship at Moreno Valley, CA, shop Dreams in Ink under tattoo artist Jared Wright. “We were hanging out with Jared and drinking and he just turned to me and said, ‘Tattoo my hand.’ I was freaking out, but it came out pretty good for my first try, so he gave me his tattoo gun and hooked me up with an apprenticeship.”

From there, the sisters began collecting tattoos from a number of spots on tour, including their own tour bus, where Melissa practiced. And while many of the tattoos are Millionaires-centric—such as Melissa’s “I Do What I Want” on her leg or Allison’s “Millionaires” located on her middle finger—there is some tradition as well. Being half-Japanese with a strict, traditional mother, Allison opted to get a sleeve in traditional Japanese style for her family to warm up her mother to the idea.

In addition to accepting their tattoos, the sisters’ parents had to open up to their hardcore party music too. But when it comes to anyone else’s opinion, Melissa and Allison just DGAF. Their songs are catchy, raunchy, and everything in between. “There is no such thing as bad publicity,” says Melissa. “We know what kind of people we are and are confident in ourselves. I’m sure the reason we originally got all the attention we did is because of all the hate. We prefer the hate to the silence.”

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