My Favorite Piece: Benny Gold

NAME: Benny Gold

COMPANY: Benny Gold
Above Benny Gold’s desk there is a flash set by tattoo artist Scott Althen that is “inspired by subtle jokes and popular icons” from Gold’s eponymous brand. Althen and Gold attended the same art college and now, instead of working for the man in graphic design, they are their own bosses—one a tattooist and the other an influential street clothing designer who has collaborated with Nike, Huf, and JanSport. Gold says his line is rooted in originality. “We do not put out anything unless it has our personal touch to it,” he explains. “The brand has been fortunate to have built a strong following that crosses a bunch of genres, from skateboarding, street wear, and into the design community. We basically just make stuff that we like and hope that you do also.”

“Grime and I became friends through skateboarding and I have been fortunate to get a lot of work done by him. I told him I wanted a tiger, because it’s my Chinese zodiac sign, and he said that he would make it badass. My other leg has my wife’s sign, a snake.”

“I have always loved camouflage patterns, and I wanted to put our unique spin on the classic design. I grew up with hippie parents who would never let me wear camouflage as a kid, so of course I always wanted it. This pattern is based on the iconic fog that blankets San Francisco. It’s one of the many picture- perfect scenes that make San Francisco such an amazing place that I am proud to call home.”

QUOTE: “I have always been into tattoos through skateboarding and punk. They used to be subversive, they were the anti-fashion statement. Tattoos still mean the same to me in that regard.”

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