My Favorite Piece: Daniel Feldman

NAME: Daniel Feldman

COMPANY: Feltraiger
Daniel and Jonathan Feldman dreamed up a line that’s as American as apple pie, soul music, and blue jeans. Their New American Classics line is an ode to denim. The fabric “was worn in the early days by cowboys and stylized decade after decade by the modern man,” Daniel says. Although the company has only been in existence for a few years and their style is fresh, the fabrics are woven with an old soul. Feltraiger doesn’t follow trends; the clothes would look good on an American style icon from any era, be it James Dean, (a young) elvis Presley, Johnny Depp, or whomever wins the Oscar for best actor in 2033.

FAVORITE PIECE: Feltraiger Logo
“My brother and I decided to get the logo of the brand tattooed on us after we opened up, but we wanted a special version of it, so we turned to Mike Moses of Thicker Than Water in NYC [now at Spiritus Tattoo]. He reimagined the torch logo and made slight color changes in our tattoos to make them a bit different from each other’s, but all the line work and size are the same. Not only is it the logo of our brand, but it’s a symbol of a new start and fighting for what you want in life.”

“I wanted to create a piece that was clean, fit great, and just radiated cool. The denim jacket is just a classic piece of Americana. The aesthetic of the denim jacket has more to do with the person wearing it than the jacket itself.”

QUOTE: “There’s not much difference between the clothes I put on in the morning and the tattoos that cover my body. They are a representation of myself to the outside world and give people an idea of what I’m about.”

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