My Favorite Piece: Fahrani Empel

NAME: Fahrani Empel

COMPANY: Cast Eyewear
Dreamed up by Fahrani Empel and Miles Pitt, Cast Eyewear is a funky-chic line of shades that uses shapes and colors no other designers would dare to. “My passion for eyewear was the first thing that inspired me to do what I do. Then, in the process of creating it, I got my inspirations from everything that surrounds me—people, environments, vibes, energies, anything, you call it,” Empel says. “I’m not sure if I have a philosophy on style, but I guess it’s the same as my philosophy of life: Keep evolving.”

“Nathan Kostechko inked the six elephants on my neck while I was in Bali last year. The idea for the elephants— and turning my skin into a zoo—came from me. [Kostechko] put his touch on it with the placement of each elephant. These days I think tattoos and fashion work side-by-side. Most kids are covered in them. I feel sad for 18-year-olds with both sleeves done already, though—there is no soul to it.”

“The Moondust is for everyone who isn’t afraid to make mistakes in their life and learn from it.”

QUOTE: “My glasses are not made for everyone. They are made for people who are brave in the sense of their maximum volume of self-expression.”

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