My Favorite Piece: Frank “The Butcher” Rivera

NAME: Frank “The Butcher” Rivera

COMPANY: BAU: Business As Usual/ Boylston Trading Company
Frank Rivera, better known as Frank the Butcher, is a hit man, in the sense that whatever he puts out kills on the market. His limited-release sneakers are snapped up quickly by a dedicated following of fans who have been known to store his sneakers in their boxes as if they were vintage Star Wars toys. With a keen eye for street wear and a work ethic that would only seem possible of a terminal insomniac, Frank is a creative force, serving as creative director for Boylston Trading Company and designer for his own apparel line, called BAU. “It’s based off my mantra—Business As Usual. It’s a way of me saying I take my work serious and don’t take opportunities for granted,” he explains.

“My favorite tattoo is called the Love Wolf. It was inspired by a good friend of mine, Danny Boy O’Connor—of House of Pain and La Coka Nostra—who has a similar tattoo, except I have ‘love’ over the eyes. It was designed by another friend, amazing graphic designer and illustrator Josh Vanover, and Bubba Soliz [of Four Horsemen Tattoo] inked it on me last year. The Love Wolf represents the balance between love and hate. Love will make you just as passionate and aggressive as anger.”

FAVORITE FASHION PIECE: Frank The Butcher for Reebok “BAU” Classic Leather
“I’m a part of the 30th anniversary celebration of the Reebok Classic Leather. I’m one of four people that they worked with on restyling the shoe.”

QUOTE: “A lot of collectors follow my work, which is awesome. But it’s as equally satisfying when someone just buys my shoe because they like it and want to wear it as opposed to just putting it away.”

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